The Princess and the Frog boots

On this day you insisted on wearing this princess dress and your favorite rain boots, for the second day in a row. And why not? I let you because you are not always going to be this little again and one day I am going to miss this! It was raining, but you waited and waited patiently until it stopped. As soon as it did, we rushed outside to explore, jump in puddles, and play in the mud… some of your favorite things to do. It wasn’t long until the rain started pouring down again, yet we decided to stay outdoors and play anyway. We had so much fun getting messy, laughing until our bellies hurt, all while finding little treasures. I love that it’s the little things like this that make you so full of joy.  I will forever treasure these moments with you.


Messy Play

A rainy day means messy fun. She had a blast getting wet, muddy, and finding bugs. We laughed, danced and jumped in  muddy puddles. What a fun day this was!! We just can’t get enough of the outdoors.



Rainy day exploring

One of our favorite things to do is explore together. On this day we got a little rain, which made us really happy because it meant there would be some puddles! We had fun  jumping in puddles, stick collecting, finding dandelions, playing with mud, dancing, twirling, and making some “muddy veggie soup.”

I just adore her and these memories we are making together.

A Family Portrait

Zailynn loves to be creative and create things. She’s always making us the sweetest cards and drawings. The other day she told me, “Mommy I want to paint something special for you and daddy.” Then she sag this song to me, “Making something is one way to say, I LOVE YOU!!”-Daniel Tiger.  We truly adore and will forever treasure all of her creations.

So here you have it, this is a special family portrait painting done by our little sweetheart Zailynn Belle.

The perfect Christmas tree

After searching and searching, we finally found the perfect Christmas tree. Zailynn was so excited the whole time… and she still is!! I love these little traditions that we have as a family. More than anything, though, I love the memories that we are creating together. We love the way our apartment smells!!! Now to decorate the tree…

 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Here is a little video clip. I love her excitement!!

Rainy day fun

It had been a while since it had rained, so when we noticed it was raining we got excited. We patiently watched the rain from my bedroom window. Once it stopped, we went outside and explored. We played in puddles, collected some treasures and got messy in the mud. Being outdoors has always been, and always will be, our favorite place to create everlasting memories together.